Carter County 911 Logo

Carter County Emergency Communications District

If you have an emergency please dial 911

Carter County 911 is the communications link between callers and first responders. The first responders that we support include the City of Elizabethton's Police and Fire Departments, Carter County Sheriff's Department, Carter County EMS & Rescue Squad, Inc., and seven Carter County Volunteer Fire Departments.

Our mission is to be recognized as a trusted provider of emergency communications to the citizens of Carter County.

Carter County Emergency Communications District 911 is located in Elizabethton, TN and serves as the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for the citizens of Carter County, TN. We were established by the State of Tennessee and was voted upon by referendum by the citizens of Carter County in 1991.

We are responsible for providing residents of Carter County with their official 911 addresses for ease of locating your residence in an emergency. Computer Aided Dispatch Incidents are provided to the public when people contact 911 and need a record of the call, and audio recording releases for court cases and officer investigations.

We also handles NCIC (National Crime Information Center) records for the City of Elizabethton Police Department and are an active partner with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Our PSAP is regulated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), TCA (Tennessee Code Annotated), and TECB (Tennessee Emergency Communications Board). Carter County 911 is a government entity that is not regulated by local county or city governments.