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Carter County Emergency Communications District 911 employees have several computer systems they monitor and use daily. We are a 24-7 agency, always having someone here to answer your call. Teleacommunicatiors are trained to use our 911 Phone system answering all incoming and outgoing calls, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) for incident creation and management, Mapping system for caller location, and Radio system to communicate with field responders. All our equipment plays a vital role in getting help to people in an emergency. Console Station


Patriot Phone System Our phone system is a Next Generation 911 Patriot System, by AirBus DS Communications, Inc., which we have been using since July 2014. We have six 911 trunk lines for incoming 911 calls, five administrative lines for incoming and outgoing phone calls, and two direct lines connecting us to the hospital and local fire department. If at any time our call takers can not answer the 911 lines due to call overload, 911 call are automatically transferred to Washington County Communications District 911, and they can then relay or transfer the call back to us. This insures that the call will be answered and given to the correct responding PSAP.


Our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system is an important part of our day to day operation. This allows the call takers/dispatchers to create and manage responding units. These greatly helps dispatchers in keeping track of so many different agencies and their units and quickly giving them the ability to choose the closest available unit to respond. Our CAD and map vendor is GeoConex ® which we have had since 2008. GeoConex ® provides software to many centers around the county. CAD System


GeoConex Mapping System Our Mapping system is a key part of assisting dispatchers with locating caller locations,weather you are on wireless phone or land line. GeoConex ® is also our provider for mapping software,providing us with the features of ESRI mappng software in an easy to use program.


Our current radio system is a Orbicom Communications product which allows us to listen, replay, and select all six radio frequencies with the push of a button. This allows dispatchers listen to all the frequencies or just one depending on their assigned duties for the shift. Whitley's Communications Services of Asheville, NC has been our radio vendor since 2008, providing us with Kenwood radios. Orbicom Radio System

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